Shaun, Rick, Gus, Hector, and the guy who runs Common Filth sit down to talk about morality, atheism, religion, philosophy, history, and the growing errors of the Alt Right.


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As to the fatalism of those who believe that man must be a slave to the spirit of the age, it is disproved by the experience of every Christian worthy of the name, for the Christian life is nothing if it is not a struggle against the spirit of every age for the sake of eternity.

Man’s freedom has been given him to choose between the true God and himself, between the true path to deification whereon the self is humbled and crucified in this life to be resurrected and exalted in God and eternity, and the false path of self-deification which promises exaltation in this life but ends in the Abyss. These are the only two choices, ultimately, open to the freedom of man; and upon them have been founded the two Kingdoms, the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Man, which may be discriminated only by the eye of faith in this life, but which shall be separated in the future life as Heaven and Hell. It is clear to which of them modern civilization belongs. The old commandment of Thou shalt, says [Nietzsches] Zarathustra, has become outmoded; the new commandment is I will.

In the Christian life, the old self with its constant I will must be done away with and a new self, centered in Christ and His will, be born.

Christian compromise in thought and word and negligence in deed have opened the way to the triumph of the forces of the absurd, of Satan, of Antichrist. The present age of absurdity is the just reward of Christians who have failed to be Christians.

It is futile, in fact it is precisely absurd, to speak of reforming society, of changing the path of history, of emerging into an age beyond absurdity, if we have not Christ in our hearts; and if we do have Christ in our hearts, nothing else matters.

Fr. Seraphim Rose




Right on time. We  talk about Batman, Optimism/Pessimism, Normies, The Leftovers, and God.

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