Shaun, Rick, Gus, Hector, and the guy who runs Common Filth sit down to talk about morality, atheism, religion, philosophy, history, and the growing errors of the Alt Right.


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As to the fatalism of those who believe that man must be a slave to the spirit of the age, it is disproved by the experience of every Christian worthy of the name, for the Christian life is nothing if it is not a struggle against the spirit of every age for the sake of eternity.

Man’s freedom has been given him to choose between the true God and himself, between the true path to deification whereon the self is humbled and crucified in this life to be resurrected and exalted in God and eternity, and the false path of self-deification which promises exaltation in this life but ends in the Abyss. These are the only two choices, ultimately, open to the freedom of man; and upon them have been founded the two Kingdoms, the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Man, which may be discriminated only by the eye of faith in this life, but which shall be separated in the future life as Heaven and Hell. It is clear to which of them modern civilization belongs. The old commandment of Thou shalt, says [Nietzsches] Zarathustra, has become outmoded; the new commandment is I will.

In the Christian life, the old self with its constant I will must be done away with and a new self, centered in Christ and His will, be born.

Christian compromise in thought and word and negligence in deed have opened the way to the triumph of the forces of the absurd, of Satan, of Antichrist. The present age of absurdity is the just reward of Christians who have failed to be Christians.

It is futile, in fact it is precisely absurd, to speak of reforming society, of changing the path of history, of emerging into an age beyond absurdity, if we have not Christ in our hearts; and if we do have Christ in our hearts, nothing else matters.

Fr. Seraphim Rose



  1. Fantastic episode. Very interesting and thought-provoking.

    I tend to argue with anti-Christians a lot on the alt-right sphere and I too find their arguments very childish and irritating indeed. The whole “Christianity is a cuck religion because Jesus commands you to love your enemies” fundamentally shows that these fedora-tipping edgelords have sort of a woman’s (or a beta male’s) understanding of love. Why? Because they equate love with submission. I can’t really blame them for thinking in this way, as we were all raised in this weakened, feminized, liberal western culture that believes “love” means to never criticize, to never judge, but to always tolerate and accept others, no matter how wrong or damaged they actually are.

    In reality, there is a very fine line between tolerance and indifference, or negligence. That’s not the kind of “love” that Our Lord meant when He said “love your enemy”. What that phrase really means is ‘steer your enemy in the right direction, as a loving father would to his children. Bring him to the path of righteousness. Give him a chance at redemption’. It certainly does not mean ‘submit, like a woman – and suck lots of cockzlolzlolz’. We are MEN, and as men we show our love by ruling, guiding and protecting the ones entrusted to us (usually, those are a wife and children). That is how God Himself shows His Love for us – the King of Heaven is Our Father and as such, He seeks to rule, guide and protect us, His children. And to do that, sometimes He needs to punish us, so that we may learn from our mistakes. So yes, sometimes “loving your enemy” may require a little violence. Our Christian ancestors seemed to understand this, but today people are so detached from faith and tradition that it doesn’t surprise me the amount of filth and disinformation that goes on in this world.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling. Great job on the show, guys.

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  2. There’s no way the Orlando shooting was a false flag. One of the left’s pet groups murdering another is too inconvenient to the narrative. That is, of course, unless the Illuminati is REALLY fucking with us.


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  4. Could you elaborate on why an ethnoreligion is bad? All I heard was “it will end in madness and chaos,” how exactly or what do you mean? If people’s aversion to Christianity is that it offers universal salvation for everyone (not just Whites) then you didn’t do anything to assuage that. Also how do you prevent a universalist ideology from leading to multiculturalism?

    Also, are you guys mestizos?

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    • >Could you elaborate on why an ethnoreligion is bad? All I heard was “it will end in madness and chaos,” how exactly or what do you mean?

      Ethnoreligion is self worship. Morally it’s no different than butthole worshipping narcissistic faggots or treacherous “is it good for us” Jews. Putting biology as your primary principle of perfection as an object of worship is not only philosophically unsound, it’s dangerous for you and the others around you. You will reason yourself into a corner where everything you do is justified because you did it. You’ll have your head so far up your own ass, you won’t even realize that you are wrong because your primary belief will be that you are never truly wrong, only misled aka someone else’s fault. You’ll basically become everything you hate about the jews but worse, and you’ll die off as a people anyway because that is the fate of all narcissists. You already have to be careful, because the fact that I had to spell this out for you means you are in a dangerous mental space of moral imbecility.

      >If people’s aversion to Christianity is that it offers universal salvation for everyone (not just Whites) then you didn’t do anything to assuage that.

      I don’t care to assuage it. Christianity is not any more universal than biology which tells us we are all one species. The tail end of using antiuniversality as your guiding moral principle is, once again, self worship and delusion. You start to bend truth to fit your will instead of conforming your will to what is true. Also, religion is not ideology. Religion is spiritual revelation. You don’t tweak it to suit you. That’s working on it from the standpoint of atheism aka an infiltrating outsider aka you acting like a Jew again.

      >Also how do you prevent a universalist ideology from leading to multiculturalism?

      Christianity was around for thousands of years before whites got infected with multiculturalism. Blaming it for that is absurd and willful ignorance.

      >Also, are you guys mestizos?

      Stop worrying about my race and start worrying about the truth I’m telling you and what knowing the truth demands of you. This is Rick. I’m typing all of this to you. I’m a 5’7″ spic with mixed genealogy. Enough Euro and Asian genes to keep the brown ones in check, but I’d never pass for white. Gus is Cuban aka Spaniard blood but he has a bit of Syrian in the family tree. When I tell you what I tell you, I say it because I despair for whitey’s fallen state in the world. I’m on your side, which is why I’m telling you what you’re doing wrong. I don’t care if you want to deport me. It won’t save you. All nonwhites could vanish tomorrow and you’d still be in a rotten fallen state.

      When people like Richard Spencer or Walt Bismarck speak ill of Christianity, they are basically encouraging whites to abandon their faith and the faith of their ancestors in the name of solving modern, temporal problems. Abandoning tradition for The Current Year is part of the problem of modernity. That’s how you got here. More modernity won’t fix modernity.


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